What is the National Premier League? 

The National Premier League (NPL) is a national competitive platform created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape by extending developmental principles espoused by US Soccer, linking competition with player development and identification platforms and providing meaningful weekly competition culminating in a national postseason. The NPL includes both regular season conference games in the South Atlantic Premier League (SAPL) and cross-conference events as well as opportunities to qualify for NPL Post-Season competition.

The NPL consists of member leagues such as the SAPL under one national competition platform based on a common technical framework. The NPL provides a platform focused on long-term player development, provides high-level competition for the country’s top clubs that values a more appropriate training-to-game ratio, is designed and structured by the clubs based on the needs of the clubs and provides an avenue for qualification to the NPL Finals

How will this help my son reach his goals of collegiate soccer? 

Our club has had many NPL players commit to play in college which is a testament to the level of competition and credibility in the NPL. Outside of the NPL regular season games there are several cross-conference events that attract college coaches regionally and nationally.

What Conference does South Carolina Surf participate in and who are the clubs/teams? 

We compete in the South Atlantic Premier League (SAPL)- East. The SAPL is divided into East and West divisions with 6-7 teams comprising each division The East includes: Charlotte Soccer Academy York County (NC), Barca Academy CLT (NC), Triangle United (NC), Charleston Soccer Club (SC), Wake FC South (NC) and Wake FC North (NC). There may be changes to the teams and structure for the SAPL 2022-23 season.

How long is the NPL Season? 

Our U13-U19 teams all compete in the Fall season that starts in August and finishes in December. Our U13-U14 teams also compete in a Spring season that starts in February and finishes in May. All teams have the opportunity to qualify for Post-Season competition with NPL East Playoffs happening in June and NPL Finals in July. All teams play other member clubs home and away for 12 regular season games. This is repeated in the Spring season for our U13-U14 teams.

How many showcases are hosted per year?

NPL host numerous showcase events each year. Our club attends the cross-conference events in August and December/January.

Will I be allowed to play school sports while in the NPL?

YES, Participation in school sports will be allowed. We are focused on the players, their development and health so we will continue to monitor during the High School break as some players may elect to not participate in school sports. Players suffer more injuries due to overuse and we want to support players with proper periodization.

What age groups will SC Surf place in the NPL?

We will place teams at U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16 U17, & U-18/19.

How do I find out more information on the NPL?

Please contact Boys Director of Coaching Matt Parmer at matt.parmer@southcarolinasurfsoccer.com